Audrey Clarke & Taylor Diamond

Perth’s magic BBW bi-twin double team

The Ultimate Threesome Fantasy Experience…

**Special Offers and discounts**


Happy Hour

We love to start the day with a bang. So as an incentive for people to book our first time slot in the mornings we're offering $50 off every booking made for 9am weekdays.


Pensioner Discount

Low-income earners deserve love too. If you’re a single parent, veteran or have a disability, and can show your pension card we will offer you $50 off your booking, anytime, anyday.


Birthday boys (or girls!)

Bring in your valid Photo ID with your birthdate (drivers licence or 18+card), on your birthday and get $50 off.


Couples and group bookings

Bring a friend and get 50% off your own rates 

(e.g. you book an hour for $250.

But then decide to bring a friend or partner.

Now you pay only $125,

and your friend pays $250





FREE Bookings

Really really just don’t have ANY cash to spend on a luxury like an escort? We know them feels. That’s why we’ve had a look around our place and come up with some stuff that we need done regularly that you can come and do for us in exchange for a 15min service (works out at $40/hr)

Arrive at our place in Seville Grove (Armadale Area) and work for 5 hours during the day only.

You can do any of the following things:


Whippersnipping and edging


Garden maintenance


Clean the pool

Gutter emptying

Detail the Car

Clean the windows


Choice of chores is ours, as it will depend on what has already been done recently. All necessary tools will be provided.

Of course you may use the shower facilities and drink as much water as you need to while you’re getting all hot and sweaty in that hot hot sun….. oooh…. Your aching muscles need a rub down…..


When asking for a discount please remember to be POLITE. And mention you have seen it on the website, otherwise Audrey is likely to say no we don't offer discounts.

(only people who have read our profiles properly deserve the discounts! #DoItRightBoys xx Audrey)