Audrey Clarke & Taylor Diamond

Perth’s magic BBW bi-twin double team

The Ultimate Threesome Fantasy Experience…

when can we meet?


NEW NEW NEW: Screening requirements. NEW CLIENTS ONLY

(Our regulars will continue to enjoy their usual VIP treatment)


After changes in the law we have decided to join other ladies in requiring basic info from you before we agree to meet. We are not going to bother with references, social media accounts, work details or other ladies. We just need a photo of you holding up your photo ID.


For young guys this proves you're over 18yo but it's basically just a security measure. If you're an axe murderer you're not about to send me your info are you? The information provided will only be used in the case of injury to us or theft from us. Your privacy is important to us, and it's a two way street. We agree not to share your info, and you agree not to share ours. #simple. 


While we wish we could be available all the time (and do intend on doing that once the kids move out of home in 10yrs time) for the moment each of us has different availablity. 


Taylor is available pretty much every day 8am til 10pm. The only time she's not free is when she has her kids (every second weekend and half of the school holidays)


Audrey is much harder to catch. She has her kids full time, and they are both special needs, which means alot of specialist appointments. Usually she's free weekdays 8:30am til 2pm and every second weekend when the kids go to their dad's house. She's also usually free on ALL public holidays (happy to book months in advance if you are), and half of the school holidays.


We match up the holidays and weekends so we are both free at the same time. 


Our doubles availability is essentially dictated by Audrey's schedule, as Taylor is quite flexible.


We will of course always accept last minute bookings, and can be ready in 10 mins if you happen to catch us on the right day at the right time in the right location. 


Otherwise we can be ready in an hour, which will include travel, and this is how much notice we prefer to have if possible. 


For longer bookings and Fly me to you the only reason we ask for extra notice is that we usually find it challenging to align three schedules. Sometimes finding a day and time we are all free is difficult. If there is a date sooner than 30 days of course we will take it. 


Truthfully we enjoy our job and we will do whatever we can to make your dreams come true. For new clients we won't travel without a deposit, or rearrange our schedules. HOWEVER, if you are a regular, and we know for sure you're gonna turn up; we'd do just about anything to fit you in...






January 7th - 20th and 29th - 3rd Feb

April: 13th - 22nd

July: 6th-14th

October: Sept 28th - Oct 6th

December 20th - 31st


We will both be freely available during these dates, 8am til 10pm. We often spend holidays in Armadale area, as the house is much nicer, so if you need to see us in Carlisle on these dates please give us an hour notice for travel. Thanks ;-)